Amidon & Petersen Financials LLC


Portfolio Management and Financial Coaching


Over 30 years of experience

We are a Registered Investment Advisory firm with over 30 years of experience managing portfolios and doing financial planning.

Customizable financial plan and investment strategy

We are different from our competition because we manage client money using direct investments whenever possible. This saves our clients money without sacrificing performance. We must work from a financial plan, so we'll develop one if necessary. Sometimes a plan will require us to focus on risk management, and we're fully qualified to handle that as well.

Biblically based financial planning and portfolio management

Our motto is "Serving those who serve others." Our goal is to free you from the time needed to manage your investments so you are free to focus on family, ministry, or work related activities.

Independence from corporate agendas

We are free from all corporate agendas. Unless there's no other option, we never work on a commission basis. That means all our advice is focused on your interests, and every dollar goes into your investments.

Competitive asset-based fees

Not only do we do everything on a flat fee basis, but it should cost you no more to hire us than if you were to do it yourself and pick the average mutual fund. If we can't save you money, then we'll tell you what your choices are, and the rest is up to you.